BREAKERS: Bboying's independant paper magazine

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BREAKERS: Bboying's independant paper magazine

Breakers is a magazine dedicated to the bboying culture (Bboys, Bgirls, Dj, Speakers ...) as well as all activists and people who are directly or indirectly interested in breakdance.

It was while discovering the surf magazine "The Surfer's Journal" that Tom Rock the founder decided to produce a magazine dedicated to bboying to tell unique stories and photographic reports to bring value and contribute to the enrichment of this culture.

Everything that happens in breakdancing is documented today on social media. Very little has been archived on paper, documented etc.

"The idea of ​​a magazine therefore seemed essential to me."

In bboying, we have seen a few books with regular releases like "Backspin", which was developed by BOTY a few years ago. In Hip-hop more generally, there have been many magazines, but more focused on music.

Breakers aims to tell the story of the life, the vision of the dancers, dancers, actors who surround us and who bring culture to life on a daily basis. Added to this is the desire to tell more unique stories, such as a Road Trip in crew, the story of a battle, a call out, a movement etc.

This first edition, self-financed, will offer a refined object, with a lot of content, which conveys an image that is both original and current of Break.

Breakers and Top Rock Society have worked together to produce a series of interviews exclusively based on Top Rocking with speakers who influence this practice: Thias (FR) Eddie Style (USA) Kaze (Canada) Campanita (FR-VENEZUELA) AYUMI (JAP).

The journal is translated into French and English in order to be accessible to as many people as possible. Any fan of Break should find their way there.

Breakers will be available on presale in June at: