Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

"Hi I am Swann, 31 years old, stemming from the group KRZ squad since 2008."

What does dancing mean to you?  

"From my point of view dance is freedom with a capital L, fun and sharing."

What is your vision of top rock? 

"Toprock for me is above all musicality, the search for a step and above all letting go."

What inspires you, what is your creative process?

"I'm mainly inspired by the guys in my band who have always pushed me to do this and I don't put barriers in my way. If I want to integrate house steps or other dance styles I don't limit myself, I'm not one of those people who refuses to mix other disciplines with toprock. I've always liked to do "on pointe" step, being from the break and more particularly from the basic tricks, so I'm always looking for that performance side by finding steps that are a bit complicated at the risk that it's not terrible but I don't want to dance like this or that bboy. I want to keep my part of originality."

How did you discover the world of Bboying? 

"I discovered the break at the end of high school, thanks to the big guys in my town who often practiced. It made me want to take classes like many others."

How long have you been dancing?

"I have been dancing regularly and competitively for about 12 years in a break. After a serious knee injury I focused on what really made me love dancing, which was top rock. I've been practicing toprock for 5 years now in a regular, relaxed and less competitive way."

What's your next step? 

"In terms of dance today I don't have too many goals clearly, I dance for myself, it's my passion, I do battles when there are some in the area to test my level a little bit. 

Now it's just fun, and I'll continue as long as my body will accept it."

One of your best memories? 

"One of my best memories of dance will remain the qualifications for a big international battle that we did with my group, without really having any convictions. We arrived there and we had a great time together and we ended up winning the qualification. So it was not at all planned but the next day we participated in a famous international battle and we could "hit" against Russians, Koreans, in short, all cultures were represented. That's what comes to mind right away."